Supervision for Therapists – A Critique

I’ve wished to jot down this paper for a very long time, however conference usually prevented me placing pen to paper. In science conceived knowledge is difficult to alter; any new paradigm is all the time met with scepticism and derogatory attitudes. Nevertheless now I’m impartial of those that may make life tough for a lone voice so I feel it’s time to state the case towards supervision of therapists.

Psychologist Perth

children, teens, and adults
psychological assessment and therapy
two counselling rooms, one set up for younger clients and one more suited to adults
holistic way of working, in regular contact with GPs, other health professionals, families, schools, and close others where we have permission to do so
provide a wrap-around care service
low-cost counselling
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Solution Focused Therapy
Family Therapy
Couples Therapy
Work with autistic clients and those with a physical, neurological, or intellectual disability
Work with traumatised clients

What’s supervision and what’s it for?

Remedy is seen as an arduous job in that we have now to hearken to the woes and difficulties by the lives of different individuals’s tales. Usually tough and disturbing purchasers inform us what is going on of their lives now or previously which can be stopping them from transferring ahead from these previous traumas or the current problems in life. Most professionals listening can after all empathise with the shopper and thru what-ever fashion of remedy assist the particular person to resolve their issues and deal with the longer term. That’s the basic facet of the therapeutic course of.

For a lot of much less steady therapists they face the burden of not being goal in regards to the shopper’s state of affairs and sometimes tackle the burden of the issues, personally, from the shopper to themselves. After some time they face breakdown and private distress – not due to their very own issues however as a result of they can not take away themselves mentally from the shopper.

The case for supervision then is principally a training one, the supervisor (often a really skilled counsellor) listens to the therapist in an effort to assist that particular person get the purchasers issues and their very own in perspective. I feel for a brand new trainee therapist and an individual with little private confidence this may occasionally assist them to hold on and help in stopping private breakdowns. Most organisations insist on one hour of supervision for each six hours of shopper contact.


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